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Home designs, though more permanent than the fast fashion of catwalks, still follow the ebbs and flows of trends.

What home buyers look for and want in a home is partially dependent on what is popular and trending at the time of purchase. Gone are the days of orange carpets, patterned curtains, and burgundy furniture of our parents’ generation.

Currently, the latest home trends reflect a shift in society due to land shortages, home prices, and the economy. Going smaller has become more popular, with an emphasis on sustainability and affordability, without forgoing comfort.

Here are some of the top trends right now.

1. Light and airy
Natural light has physical and mental benefits — and home buyers know that. People want to feel more

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Learn Stand-Up Comedy (until March 12)
A weekly workshop to learn how to make people laugh.

YW Celebrate (March 8)
A fundraiser timed with International Women’s Day for the YMCA with vendors, food and raffle prizes.

Baby and Tot Show (March 9)
Over 85 exhibitors come together with wares for parents and babies alike. A great place to get some big-ticket shopping done.

The Cat Empire (March 15)
When was the last time you danced up a storm? Now’s your chance with this great party band.

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Show (March 30)
This production has a strong reputation around the world for their Ukrainian dance talent and this two-act dance features 44 artists.

The Little Vegan Market (March 30)
A free market with all sorts of delicious, vegan

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Who doesn’t dream of a multi-room house with a large garden and picket fence? But sometimes, your palace might be a bit smaller than you hoped and you’ll have to get creative with the space. 

Tiny homes, which are less than 400 square feet, are becoming increasingly popular in big cities like Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.  Despite their size, tiny homes are subject to the same land use bylaws as other residencies.   

However, mobile tiny homes have to abide to a different set of municipal rules, depending on whether they are built on a chassis or on a permanent undercarriage. For example, parking regulations can vary city to city. 

We turned to people living in the smallest of spaces for advice: those living in vans, RVs, micro-homes,

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Each year, properties are assessed for their value for municipal and provincial tax purposes.  The assessment reflects the estimate market value — essentially how much it would sell on an open market. 

In Calgary, properties are assessed by comparing them to the sales of other similar properties.  Any changes in the market that happened after July 1 of the previous year are reflected in the following assessment. 

Annual property assessments are mailed out each January. 

Calgary’s tax rate is calculated by dividing the city’s budgetary needs by the number of properties assessed. As an individual homeowner, you then pay a share of that tax based on the rate and the assessed value of your property. 

This means that the amount of tax you pay each

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Boom X (until Feb. 9)
A one-man show with music, video mapping and shadow play.

Winter cycling congress (until Feb. 6 — 8)
Experts gather every year to share ideas and strategies for biking in cold, snowy conditions. Free community events.

Start-up weekend (Feb. 8 — 10)
A weekend dedicated getting a start-up business up and running.

Oscar-nominated shorts (Feb. 15 — 17)
Watch a screening (or several!) of the Academy Awards short films.

Deathtrap (until Feb. 24)
A dramatic play with plenty of plot twists, showing at Vertigo Theatre.

Winefest (Feb. 22 — 23)
Wineries from around the world gather for this two-day event, making it the perfect opportunity sip and sample different kinds.

Drinking habits (until April)
A hilarious performance about

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Putting together your resolutions and goals for the new year is a great motivation to make positive changes in your life.

Although we sometimes fall off our resolutions quickly, we can think of our resolutions as a plan, and make it a habit to celebrate small milestones you’ve achieved to keep you inspired and excited throughout the year.

We searched the net and put together the 20 most popular resolutions that people write every year.

  • Lose weight or stay in shape
  • Eat healthier 
  • Live a more active lifestyle
  • Travel more and see the world
  • Save more money
  • Get out of debt
  • Get a new job (turn hobbies into a career)
  • Enjoy and love yourself more (Self-care)
  • Learn a new skill
  • Read more
  • Get a new hobby
  • Make new
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