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A New Age (Jan. 13)
Start off 2018 with art, art and more art at this show.

Calgary Renovation Show (Jan. 12 - 14)
Annual show with exhibitors and presenters sharing information on the perfect home renovation.

Inner Elder (Jan. 15 - 27)
Theatre show where award-winning Calgary actress Michelle Thrush explores the impact her grandmother had on her life.

Empire Of The Sun (Jan. 16 - 28)
Tetsuro Shigematu, a former CBC broadcaster, is putting on a one-man, autobiographical performance.  

Banff Mountain FIlm Festival World Tour (Jan. 17 - 28)
Missed the Banff film festival in the fall? Some of the best films are screening again and the festival stops over in Calgary.

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With vacation days, visiting family and countless engagements with friends over this month, don’t let the pressure ruin the fun.
Communication Be very clear on when guests are leaving and arriving. If they are taking a flight, how will the airport run be coordinated? If it’s a dinner party, are children invited? Communication can go a long way to solving issues before they arrive. If in doubt, call to check-in.
Food Do not be shy about asking guests to contribute to the menu. Christmas dinner can easily be made into a potluck and ask closer friends to bring sides, desserts or drinks. Don’t forget to check about any allergies or dietary restrictions before meal planning.
Children If you are having several guests with…
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Zoo Lights (Nov. 24 – Jan. 6)
Check out the animals and the lights at one of Calgary’s brightest holiday traditions.

Once Upon A Christmas (Nov. 25 – Dec. 23)
Go back in time at Heritage Park to experience the holiday spirit from the olden days with hands-on activities and plenty of entertainment.

Festival of crafts (Dec. 7 – 10)
More than 250 artisans across the country gather at Stampede Park to sell homemade crafts, making it a great place to do some Christmas shopping.

A Cowtown Christmas (Dec. 9)
Get into the holiday spirit with an opera – but this one has a strict cozy pyjama dress code. Best festive onesie goes home with a prize.

Seeds of Enrichment Christmas Market (Dec. 9-10)
This is a chance to shop and to give back; the market is a

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Qualifying for a mortgage has never been a breeze and it’s about to get much harder.

In mid-October, the federal government announced changes to mortgage qualification rules and a more stringent “stress test” for uninsured mortgages for those with a 20 per cent or higher down payment.

The biggest impact these changes will have is on purchasing power and housing affordability. Rate Hub, a rate comparison website, looked at two different financial scenarios to compared what a family could afford to buy before and after the new rules.  

Before the changes, a buyer could borrow roughly the equivalent of seven times their yearly income. With the new rules, that has been reduced to slightly more than five times their yearly income.


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Bustling winds, rainy days, and stormy nights are now solidly upon us with few hints left of warmer times left. 

Do not despair, with the shift of seasons comes a chance for change for both you and your home.  Take the right steps for you and your family to be happy and well. 

Air quality

  • Spring-cleaning is an old adage but don’t wait till next year.
  • Now is the time to vacuum, dust and sweep up dust bunnies and cobwebs.
  • Thoroughly check for moisture spots and moulds—certain strains, like black mould, can be deadly.
  • Consider purchasing an air filter for improved quality. 


  • A lack of sunshine and light during the winter can cause SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Proper lighting and vitamin D supplements can help
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Floor lamps are essential not only for its function but also for creating a statement or design element in your living room. Here are just some stylish floor lamps to decorate your home.  

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The Bank of Canada hiked interest rates twice this summer and the increases come at a time when many Canadians are struggling to pay off debt.

First, in July, the bank announced a raise from 0.5 to 0.75 per cent and then, at the beginning of September, hiked rates again to a full one percentage point. A report by TransUnion last year estimated that if interest rates were raised by one percentage point, 700,000 Canadian households would face serious financial ramifications.

Those most affected by the interest increases are those paying back debt — such as Canadians with mortgages. According to Scott Hannah, the president and CEO of the Credit Counselling Society of British Columbia, new homeowners who have just taken out a large mortgage are the most

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The relationship between the quality of a school district and real estate prices in the neighbourhood is a bit of a “chicken-and-the-egg” question.

The highest-ranking school districts tend to have higher house prices than less sought-after districts. At the same time, more affluent homeowners often live in more popular school districts. It’s not always clear which is the motivating factor: do school districts influence house prices or vice versa?

Regardless of which came first, at the end of the day, the fact remains: schools that have higher rankings are, on average, in neighbourhoods with higher real estate values. According to a survey by the Ontario real estate brokerage TheRedPin, homeowners pay a premium of between 20 to 36 per cent for

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