June 2015

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Artificial grass has been used in warmer climates for some time, but it’s also become more popular in Canada as an alternative to a natural lawn. The jury is still out as to which is best, and there are definitely pros and cons on both sides of the fence.

Natural Grass
Benefits:  There’s nothing like the lush, organic feeling of natural grass under your feet.  It’s affordable to install, and with maintenance, it can last a lifetime.

Things to consider:
Maintenance – A lot of time and effort is needed to cut, water and maintain the lawn.  It’s difficult to keep it looking good all year round.
Environmental Impact – Tons of water are used every day to get that ”green” look.  Harmful pesticides used also wash away into the water system.
Expense – Sod may be

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Not long ago, in 2008, the mortgage rate in Calgary was 5.39%. This year, we have consistently seen posted rates under 3%. The low rates offer significant opportunities for buyers and sellers alike, but to take advantage of the trend, learn to evaluate your financing options.

Taking advantage of the lowest rates possible allows you to make real strides on interest payments. But if your mortgage is short-term and a variable rate, there is a possibility it could change with the market.

If you are looking to reside in a home for a while or invest in a long-term rental holding property, some lenders offer up to a 10-year fixed rate.  Fixed rates are generally higher than variable, but can minimize uncertainty and the risk of higher interest and payments in

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Calgary events

Upcoming Events & Festival

- Global Petroleum Show – Tuesday, June 9th – Thursday, June 11th

- Fishing at Bow Habitat Station – May 15th to Saturday, October 31st

- Safeway Father’s Day Walk/Run – Sunday, June 21st

- Pawsitively Fun Run – Sunday, June 21st

- Storybook Theatre Presents Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka – Friday, May 22nd to Friday, June 26th

- 2015 Calgary Stampede – Friday, July 3rd – Sunday, July 12th

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Email Version YYC May 2015-01

Market moves toward balanced conditions

Calgary housing prices change direction in May

For the first time since December 2014, Calgary’s residential unadjusted benchmark prices improved over the previous month. Within the city of Calgary, housing prices totaled $454,100 in May, a monthly and year-over-year increase of 0.55 and 0.96 per cent.

“For the third month in the row, new listings have eased compared to last year, helping push the market toward more balanced conditions, despite the current environment of slower sales activity,” said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie. “This has helped prevent further declines in the unadjusted benchmark price.”

New listings in the city of Calgary totaled 3,161 units in May, a 27 per cent decrease

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