October 2017

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The relationship between the quality of a school district and real estate prices in the neighbourhood is a bit of a “chicken-and-the-egg” question.

The highest-ranking school districts tend to have higher house prices than less sought-after districts. At the same time, more affluent homeowners often live in more popular school districts. It’s not always clear which is the motivating factor: do school districts influence house prices or vice versa?

Regardless of which came first, at the end of the day, the fact remains: schools that have higher rankings are, on average, in neighbourhoods with higher real estate values. According to a survey by the Ontario real estate brokerage TheRedPin, homeowners pay a premium of between 20 to 36 per cent for

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Inglewood’s Edible Enticements - until Oct 27
Food tour of one of Calgary’s yummiest neighbourhoods, stretching across eight blocks with stands and entry to cafes. Every Friday.

Aspen Crossing's Train of Terror - Oct 6 to 28
The complete opposite of a relaxing train journey, this two-and-half hour ride is the equivalent of a moving haunted house. Adults only.

Dinner for Doors - Oct 12
Fundraising meal in Calgary for Accessible Housing – participants experience what it is like to live life with limited mobility, from being in a wheelchair to wearing vision-limiting glasses.

Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival - Oct 13 to 14
This will be the 20th year of the festival and thousands of people are expected to show up to sample beers, wines, spirits and

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