March 2018

There are 4 blog entries for March 2018.

1. Doors and Windows
The cost of a new door is almost entirely recouped when it comes to selling and greatly improves both look and security. A steel door costs an average of $1,162 and would recoup nearly 97 per cent of that cost, according to a survey by Cost vs. Value Report.

The same is true for windows. Dual pane windows in particular are popular and, in addition to improving attractiveness, can cut heating costs in the winter.

2. Landscaping
With warmer weather come fresh flowers and plenty of yard work. “Curb appeal” is hugely important when it comes to selling. Use your garden’s size and dimensions to your advantage — cutting back overgrown bushes and planting a delicate perimeter of flowers can do wonders for a small garden. Even for

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The Lonely Dinner (March 10 – April 8)
Two worlds – one tranquil, one crazy – crash in this play.

Natalie MacMaster at the Orchestra (March 16 – 17)
She is one of Canada’s great music musical talents, nominated for multiple Juno Awards and a Grammy Award. Performing at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

The Black and White Ball (March 17)
Fundraiser performance for Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. Come dressed in black or white.

Taste of Jamaica (March 31)
Learn more about Jamaica, while enjoying traditional and delicious fare. Also live performances and music.

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Adding an eye catching and stunning rug in your living room can automatically elevate your home. Check out some of the design trends for floor rugs this year.
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