August 2018

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You are probably feeling excited and overwhelmed as you go through the steps in purchasing a new home especially if you are a first-time buyer. Going to an open house and checking out your potential home is an essential step. Don't worry, we have provided a list of potential home pitfalls that you should watch out for.

1. The roof
This can be a major source of headaches if there are leaks and costly if there are repairs needed. A newer roof can even mean a lower homeowners insurance rate.

2. Plumbing
Don’t forget to check what’s happening underneath your future house. Check the pipes for leaks, damage and mold for both the sake of your health and your wallet.

3. Basement walls
Along that same note, when you’re looking down below, check out the

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Calgary Fringe Festival (August 3 – 11)
Nine days of performances from improv to comedies.

Taste of Calgary (August 9 – 12)
With prices as low as $1 tasting tickets, there is no excuse to miss out.

Summer Feast (August 9 – 18)
The best place to try a new restaurant, during this festival when there are loads of multi-course, prix fixed menus.

Calgary Dragon Boat Race and Festival (August 11 – 12)
An annual tradition in Calgary, watch or participate!

GlobalFest (August 16 – 25)
This festival of colour, music and rhythm that culminates in an explosion of fireworks.

Inglewood Night Market (All summer)
More than 50 vendors come out when the sun goes down, including food trucks and live music.

Shakespeare by the Bow (Throughout August)
The Bard’s

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Have the chance to really relax and soak in the summer rays during this lovely season. Check out these coolest and stylish camping tents you can find out there, either for yourself or for family.

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