January 2019

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Putting together your resolutions and goals for the new year is a great motivation to make positive changes in your life.

Although we sometimes fall off our resolutions quickly, we can think of our resolutions as a plan, and make it a habit to celebrate small milestones you’ve achieved to keep you inspired and excited throughout the year.

We searched the net and put together the 20 most popular resolutions that people write every year.

  • Lose weight or stay in shape
  • Eat healthier 
  • Live a more active lifestyle
  • Travel more and see the world
  • Save more money
  • Get out of debt
  • Get a new job (turn hobbies into a career)
  • Enjoy and love yourself more (Self-care)
  • Learn a new skill
  • Read more
  • Get a new hobby
  • Make new
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Calgary Renovation Show (Jan 11 – 13)
Join this 3-day event and get renovation inspiration from exhibitors and presenters sharing their expertise and information.

Panda Breakfast (Jan 12 – Feb 23)
Enjoy a delicious breakfast and see giant pandas doing their morning routine up close with your family.

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Jan 15 – 27)
Watch the best new mountain films at the University of Calgary.

Ski for Heart (Jan 25)
Stay a magical weekend in the Rockies and enjoy winter activities while raising money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

The Big Ball (Feb 1)
Come to the biggest fun event this year supporting men’s health awareness and initiatives.

Locked Library (Feb 1)
Join this massive one-night escape game

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