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Spruce Meadows North American Tournament (July 4 – 8)
A five-day outdoor show of horse jumping and tournaments.

Calgary Stampede Art and Lifestyle Show (July 6 – 15)
See another side of the Calgary Stampede this summer by checking out Western culture through art, entertainment, exhibitions and presentations.

Cyclepalooza (July 13 – 22)
A festival that celebrates all thinks bicycle related.

Inglewood Night Market (All summer)
More than 50 vendors come out when the sun goes down, including food trucks and live music.

Shakespeare by the Bow (Until August)
The Bard’s most famous plays are staged outdoors in Prince’s Island Park each year.

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Condominiums typically have an overall insurance policy covering the building but it’s nonetheless still important for individual condo owners to look into their own policies. Shared insurance doesn’t cover personal belongings, for example, or other costs that an owner could incur in the case of an emergency.

Insurance is particularly noteworthy when it comes to special assessments, a levy or financial contribution that can be imposed on condo unit owners.

Usually, special assessments and other costs like strata fees are explained and disclosed at the time of purchase. In the case of an emergency though, a special levy can be announced — usually after a strata vote.

This money is collected in instances, for example, where the shared

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Funny Fest Calgary Comedy Festival (May 31 – June 10)
If you need a laugh, this comedy festival with more than 70 different kinds of performances has got you covered.

Third Action Film Festival (June 8 – 10)
The newest film festival in the city, it explores the “third act” of life by focusing on the topic of ageing.

Sled Island (June 20 – 24)
An electrifying arts and music festival with plenty of live performances and action.

Pops in the Park (June 20 – 21)
Celebrate the arrival of summer with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s outdoor concert.

Parkshow (June 23 – 24)
Much more than just a fashion show, it’s a cultural experience.

Nuela Charles (June 27)
Check out the National Music Centre's Alberta Spotlight series where a different

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Your credit score affects many areas of your life from your spending abilities to your stress levels.

Missing a couple of payments on a credit card can dramatically drop your score, even after years of consistently meeting payment deadlines.

Your credit report tracks your spending history for the past six years and bad credit (FICO score) makes it nearly impossible to get financing for a home, car, credit card or even cell phone.

So if, for whatever reason, your score has plummeted — there’s a few things you can do to repair it.

1. Know your score

Finding out your credit score and history is the first step to knowing what went wrong and how to fix it.

You can get a copy from two main credit bureaus in Canada: Equifax (the most highly

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A rose by another name wouldn’t smell as sweet, as the old adage goes, and the same can be said about homes. A wall by any other colour just wouldn’t suffice.

Choosing the right shade for your brush can be tricky, and like anything in life, paints go through ups and downs of popularity from the burgundy oranges of the ‘70s to the darker tones of the ‘90s.

In order to decide on the most up-and-coming colours, experts delve into what’s popular in the world of fashion, arts, pop culture, and even the automotive industry to create a palate of popular paints.

Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization providing unbiased product ratings and reviews, took a look ahead at the hottest colours of 2018 to paint a home.

Using their research, we’ve

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