Calgary Tax assessment

Posted by Kevin Leung on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 at 10:58am.

Each year, properties are assessed for their value for municipal and provincial tax purposes.  The assessment reflects the estimate market value — essentially how much it would sell on an open market. 

In Calgary, properties are assessed by comparing them to the sales of other similar properties.  Any changes in the market that happened after July 1 of the previous year are reflected in the following assessment. 

Annual property assessments are mailed out each January. 

Calgary’s tax rate is calculated by dividing the city’s budgetary needs by the number of properties assessed. As an individual homeowner, you then pay a share of that tax based on the rate and the assessed value of your property. 

This means that the amount of tax you pay each year can fluctuate based on the assessed value of your home or the city’s budget. 

If you disagree with the assessment, it’s possible to dispute it. 

Before reaching out to the city, check the factual information on record, review your assessment, and compare your assessment to similar properties through a sale search.  

Homeowners have until March 12, 2019 to contact Calgary’s assessment team.

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